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Easy Street Payment Plan

You're On Easy Street with Main Street America Group's Easy Street Payment Plan for Personal Lines Insurance

A Flexible Plan to Meet Your Needs

Life is complicated enough without having to spend hours figuring out how to read your bills. Wouldn't it be nice if all your bills offered two things - simplicity and choice. That's what Main Street America Group gives you.

Monthly Payments
With MSA Group's Easy Street Payment Plan you'll receive just one bill for all your personal lines policies whether it's homeowners, auto, rental, dwelling/fire or any other personal lines insurance. Your bill will be easy to read and understand while providing payment options that fit your budget and lifestyle. If you like to pay your bills on a regular monthly schedule, that's what you can do. We'll send you a monthly bill where the amount due doesn't change (unless your premium changes or you change your coverage). There'll be no surprises, so you can keep control of your budget.

Quarterly Payments
If you'd rather pay your premium quarterly, you can choose that option. That way you'll only receive a statement every three months as long as there are no changes to your account.

Annual Payments
Want to pay your annual premium all at once? Well, you can do that too. Just send in the full amount noted on your bill and you won't receive another statement from us until it's time for you to renew or you change your coverage.

The Freedom to Change
What if one month you want to pay the minimum monthly amount and the next month you'd rather pay for a full quarter. Go right ahead! It's your choice! You choose the payment method that best suits your needs.

Convenient Automatic Payment Service
Main Street America Group also offers you the added convenience of Automatic Payment Service. If you'd rather not bother with writing a check and worry about getting it in the mail on time, why not consider Automatic Payment Service? With APS, we'll automatically debit your bank account directly every month. How much easier can it get?

You'll find our Easy Street Statements are easy to read and understand. Your choices are clearly displayed on the front of the statement and an explanation of the choices appears on the back. Once you've decided on the amount you'll send, you simply fill in the amount on the back of the payment stub and send it in with your check. We'll keep track of the amount you've paid to date so you won't have to worry about under- or over-payments.

Let MSA Group put YOU on Easy Street with our Easy Street Payment Plan.

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