Medical Provider Electronic Bill Submission

The Main Street America Group has partnered with CorVel for bill review and clearinghouse services. You are able to submit all workers’ compensation and first-party auto medical bills and records to CorVel for processing using the appropriate clearinghouse electronic payor ID below (categorized by carrier name):

Payor Name

Payor ID

Austin Mutual Insurance Company (The Main Street America Group)


Grain Dealers Mutual Insurance Company (The Main Street America Group)


Main Street America Assurance Company (The Main Street America Group)


Main Street America Protection Insurance Company (The Main Street America Group)


MSA Insurance Company (The Main Street America Group)


NGM Insurance Company (The Main Street America Group)


Old Dominion Insurance Company (The Main Street America Group)


Spring Valley Mutual Insurance Company (The Main Street America Group)



Clearinghouse Contacts for Medical Records/New Bills:

Fax: (866) 450-9386

U.S. Mail:
The Main Street America Group c/o CorVel Corporation
10151 Deerwood Park Blvd  
Building 300 Suite # 320  
Jacksonville, FL 32256 

If you wish to establish electronic connectivity with CorVel Corporation, please email: or call (612) 436-2520.

Questions? For questions on actual bill review services/reductions, please contact:  
Phone: (904) 240-3500

*Minnesota Only: If you are unable to submit your medical records electronically, please use the “Claims Attachment Cover Sheet” (found at and send via fax, email or U.S. Mail.

E-billing Information for Minnesota Workers Compensation and Auto Medical Bill Submission

CorVel Clearinghouse Electronic Billing
Connectivity issues and questions
Clearinghouse Name: CorVel  
Contact: Christy M.  
Phone: (612) 436-2520 / (877) 703-4240  
Fax: (866) 450-9388  

For general claims questions, please contact Main Street America’s customer care unit at
(877) 4Claims (877-425-2467).